14 things that can decorate your room

Even if it’s your bedroom, living , your desk , shelves or just a small corner where you find yourself, how it looks it just define us as a person. My things are always spread all over the room, not mentioning that when I am working you can not find a small place where to put your foot, or to sit . I’m such a shame , but still no one complains about my organized clutter . 🙂
What I wanted to show you today in this late summer post, are few things found while I was navigating through etsy.com website . They can make us feel better when things don’t go as we want, they can put a smile on our face , or just they can make our room look not so ordinary as it used to look.


Hippie macrame crochet messenger bag

In my grandma’s house things made with the macrame technique were all over . Bed covers made with soft cotton yarns, wall hangings made of wool, including the rugs were made with this technique. Everything were handmade . She always said that creating things, making them with our hands, we will always appreciate labour, and we’ll never be afraid of it.

What I liked , and mostly miss is the warmth of my grandma’s house, with her hot cheese pies in winter and icy cherry stew in the hot summer and her tales about Prince Charming, fairies and dragons.  I miss the cradle from the back of the yard, where I and my cousins were arguing who should use it first. We were so noisy. I still wonder how she could stand out all the yells, crying voices around her.   I miss my grandma , next time when I’ll visit my parents I’ll take some time to visit her too . She taught me to crochet and knit, she taught me the macrame knots, and she taught me so many things about life.

Time have past, and we changed, life changed us, and even if we were going back … who would take the years back ? Memories would be different, people would be different and most of all, we wouldn’t be the same 🙂

For those days, when the sun is burning like a fire in a chimney, when the birds are singing, and the wind is gently blowing through the tree’ s leaves, when the scent of flowers is clinging around like a women’s perfume, … for those days …  we should remember .

Vintage lace crochet handbags: